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What's So Good About a Stuffed Animal Anyway

What's So Good About a Stuffed Animal Anyway

A Defense of the World’s Most Iconic Toy

With millions of other toys on the market, you have many options to choose from. You can buy building blocks, video games, action figures, or any typical toys. There are new toy options too that your kids and you barely understand. So why should you buy a teddy bear? Easy: because it’s the best combination of imagination and love.



Imaginary Creativity

A great toy will get your child’s creativity rolling. Your child takes his or her stuffed animal on a trans-dimensional adventure. You never know what crazy story they will come up with. Play time becomes something special... all because of your child’s imagination.

The same goes for the friendship your kid can develop with the cute stuffed animal. At the beginning he’s just a toy. If your have a kid that’s really on the younger side then the plushy friend really might just be a comfortable staple. But as time goes on that plushy friend my develop a real personality. You might start hearing adorable stories about what the animal said, the secrets they shared, or what she likes.



Other toys force you to pick from existing sets. Even if they have a lot of options, there’s a lot less room to pick a toy that really matches your personal interests and desires.


The beauty about stuffed animals is that you can really pick any animal. You have the classics to pick from: maybe you want a stuffed dog that looks like your real life family pet. But that you have the option of picking from the wacky favorites your child loves: sharks, lamas, eagles, or sea horses


That adds another level of intimacy. Your child really gets whatever animal they associate the most with. The stuffed animal is much more special because every other kid at school isn’t going to have exactly the same thing.



There’s something unbelievably timeless about a stuffed animal. They’ve been around for thousands of years and are just the classic toy. 

You can pick a special meaning. You determine the animal’s name, personality, hobbies, and character traits. There’s a fresh childhood innocence that comes with the toy. They never go out of fashion. There are very few objects that are as distinctly tied towards being young as a stuffed animal.


For Adults

Even for adults, a stuffed animal has distinct cute characteristics. It’s easy to imagine most people with a teddy bear they’ve kept from their childhood. A stuffed animal is infinitely cute and universally appreciated.

No matter how old you are, you love their cuteness and the refreshing youth they remind you of. With any other toy -- an action figure or building block set -- it’s just not the same.

Stuffed animals


Lasts Forever

Unlike video games or the newest toy -- stuffed animals truly last forever. Initially, they are just toys. After exposure and time together they turn into (real) imaginary friends. They become a standard part of the room: your child can’t sleep without them unless they’re present.


After that they continue to be a symbol of love and childhood. Even if you don’t play with the animal anymore it has a fond place in your memory because it was always an iconic object of affection.


Is Good for Development

You might be shocked -- or not at all surprised. You have maybe seen this in action yourself already. A stuffed animal gives children a sense of responsibility. For the first time in their lives they feel as if there’s someone younger that they have to take care of.


A stuffed little brother is someone you’re supposed to teach. You need to watch out for them, show them your world, and stop them from getting into any trouble. It seems like just a game... but many studies have shown that stuffed animals can act as a friend and confidant for small children.

They’ll share secrets and go on adventures together while you smile from afar.


Dependable and Indestructible

Some toys are messy. Construction brick sets require time and patience to put together. They fall apart so easily.


It’s easy for an action figure to quickly lose a limb, get scratched, or break. Children love playing with their toys so much! They often forget that they aren’t as strong as they are in a child’s imagination.


A stuffed animal is basically indestructible. They are shock resistant, can’t be scratched, and are ridiculously easy to clean. They eagerly await your return, and are always waiting to shower you with hugs and affection.

Stuffed animals

Never Scary

A teddy bear stands as a perpetual symbol of comfort. There's nothing bad or scary about it. It’s just always there for you. There’s no way for it to be anything other than a fantastic symbol of love. 


Think about it this way: a Teddy bear that is designed to be hugged. That warm smile and comforting eyes never change. There really isn’t much more to it than that. It’s comfortable, has soft “fur” and keeps you warm at night. It really is the coziest thing out there...


A Symbol Of Your Love

Other toys already have their built in meanings. Action figures or building block sets are from a movie, well-known brand, or TV show. There’s little room for you to add your creativity to it. There’s no room for greater significance for special memories.


A stuffed animal’s meaning, significance, and memories are all up to you. You decide the occasion you buy them for. It can be a birthday, special accomplishment, or graduation day. Giving the stuffed animal on that day keeps an adorable ball-of-fur tied to one special memory.


Your Home For Plushy Friends

No matter your age, family, favorite animal, or occassion -- Plushland has hundreds of stuffed friends that are just waiting to give you a hug.


You can find absolutely everything: from your university to adorable little stuffed animals on keychains that can give you affection all day long. Use them to embrace the holidays, show a loved one how much they matter, and any other special day.


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