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Why Buy Brand Stuffed Animals (Plush Toys)

Buying a quality stuffed animal can be tricky. You can spend less than five dollars and get a good-sized teddy bear from discounted store, or you can purchase same sized similar designed item from other channel for above thirty dollars. ?Toy market is huge yet unregulated. There are strict safety rules and manufacturing process that are pretty easy to be manipulated. It is not hard to set up a new company and toy brand to import toys from untrusted channels for a few years, disregard all of the safety warning and leave market and set up new ones once get... Read more

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Graduation Gifts - Make it Personal

When it comes to graduation, you know it is the most important event in one’s life. It is a reward day for the hard work, a milestone for the past achievement, a ceremony for the accomplishment and celebration for an unfolding future. It is almost like a bachelor’s party, you get wild for parting the history, and embrace your next chapter with uncertainty.   Everyone expects a graduation gift. Gift giving itself can be frustrating, not taking about such a big event. Gift giving is a skill not a talent, a meaningful gift gives a passionate and warm memory, builds... Read more

  COVID-19 Updates for Kids With the recent breakout of COVID-19, also commonly known as the coronavirus, social isolation has become popular in society. Businesses are slowing down, and people are keeping their distance from each other, and school is transitioning to remote classes. While students may have first celebrated the shutting down of schools, the flaws of online learning quickly becomes apparent. How can students keep focused and motivated? How will they keep up with the curriculum online? How will they keep active and social?   According to The Knowledge Hut, taking classes via the internet boils down to these main tips:... Read more

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Is it okay to have a stuffed animal as an adult?

Some people might feel that owning a stuffed animal as an adult is well, strange, and childish. Some people think that it’s perfectly fine to own one. Whatever the case, the fact is that stuffed animals do reduce stress and increase comfort, for adults and kids alike. According to the comments of a New York Times essay who was written by an adult who plays with and sleeps with stuffed animals, said that stuffed animals toys helped cope with a serious illness or trauma. Others say that stuffed animals got them through the stress of life: exams, homelessness, and loneliness.... Read more

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Why is personalized gift better to give

Gifting someone with a gift with their name on actually improves someone’s view on themselves as well as reducing information overloading.

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