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    What's So Good About a Stuffed Animal Anyway

    A Defense of the World’s Most Iconic Toy   With millions of other toys on the market, you have many options to choose from. You can buy building blocks, video games, action figures, or any typical toys. There are new toy options too that your kids and you barely understand. So why should you buy ... View Post
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    Being a Kid Ain’t Easy - How to help your child cope with insecurities and stress

    How to help your child cope with insecurities and stress   Everyone has at least one terrible childhood memory. Maybe it was experiencing the classic saying of “children can be so cruel.” Or you were desperately confused about some part of growing up and had no idea what to do. These solutions ar... View Post
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    Softer than Soft: Why Plush Bears Are The Coziest Stuffed Animals In The World

    What’s the point of having a stuffed animal if it’s not super huggable? For most people, a stuffed animal is just a stuffed animal. They are all pretty similar. Their fur warms you when it’s cold out. Your child’s imagination brings them alive. But some stuffed animals are far superior than oth... View Post
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    How To Make A Plush Bear Your Best Friend

    Guarantee he doesn’t get sent to the closet after a few days So you just bought your child a fluffy best friend. Or maybe you go it for yourself! Adults need huggable companions too. How do you bring your new stuffed animal to life? You could just give your kids their new toy. But if you do tha... View Post
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    How To Maintain a Plush Bear

    Keep your stuffed friend healthy and clean. Your children’s favorite toys might seem completely indestructible. They’re nothing more than plushy stuffed animals that come to life with your young one’s imagination. You might be surprised to realize that toys are a magnet for dust and germs. You al... View Post
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    How To Choose The Perfect Plush Bear

    There’s WAY more to it than you would think. No one has your back like a plush animal. They can’t give you advice but they always understand what you are going through. They are your stuffed support animal. Wisely making you feel better with their irresistible fur and happy eyes. At the very leas... View Post
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    The 7 Best Stuffed Animals of 2019

    No matter how much technology changes, stuffed animals stay universally adorable. Kids are drawn to them. Adults can’t help but think they are cute. If you are in the market for a furry companion, you might be stuck on what to pick. There really are thousands of options. Each one being fluffier ... View Post
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    Sock Monkey: An American tradition for Children