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COVID-19 Updates: How to Motivate Kids for Distance Learning

COVID-19 Updates: How to Motivate Kids for Distance Learning


COVID-19 Updates for Kids

With the recent breakout of COVID-19, also commonly known as the coronavirus, social isolation has become popular in society. Businesses are slowing down, and people are keeping their distance from each other, and school is transitioning to remote classes. While students may have first celebrated the shutting down of schools, the flaws of online learning quickly becomes apparent. How can students keep focused and motivated? How will they keep up with the curriculum online? How will they keep active and social?  

According to The Knowledge Hut, taking classes via the internet boils down to these main tips: Firstly, check your internet connection. Make sure that the internet and device speed matches up accordingly to ensure that classes flow smoothly. You can get help from your local school for any equipment you lack. Don’t forget to install all necessary apps you’ll need for classes. Next, ensure that kids have a quiet, clean workspace where they can work. Clean out their desks in order to keep them focused during class time. It’s also a good idea to set designated time periods for a child to study. A reasonable time like 30-45 minutes can help kids to be more productive and more focused.  

Online learning can be really stressful and different from what students are used to. Stress relievers have shown to vastly decrease stress and anxiety. Stuffed plush toys are an excellent emotional support for kids, and having a “Study Buddy” among a time of social isolation can help people to feel less lonely and isolated. Stuffed toys have also been proven to increase relaxation and calm, while reducing anger, stress, and anxiety. 

Although remote lessons might seem like something that’s hard and new, these tips can help to keep kids focused and motivated, and to make sure that classes will run smoothly. Don’t forget to share this with anyone who you think it might be useful for! 





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