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Graduation Gifts - Make it Personal

When it comes to graduation, you know it is the most important event in one’s life. It is a reward day for the hard work, a milestone for the past achievement, a ceremony for the accomplishment and celebration for an unfolding future. It is almost like a bachelor’s party, you get wild for parting the history, and embrace your next chapter with uncertainty.


Everyone expects a graduation gift. Gift giving itself can be frustrating, not taking about such a big event. Gift giving is a skill not a talent, a meaningful gift gives a passionate and warm memory, builds a relationship and bless the soul to the bright future.

graduation Animals
Let’s make it personal.

Graduating from a school means living with that school for years. The name, logo, color, every bit of the school roots in one’s memory forever. You also want to connect the school with the graduate, since it is the connection between the two.  Hence, when choosing a graduation gift, first thing to consider is a customized gift with the engraved with the school and graduates’ signature.


We highly recommend Plushalnd’s customized graduation plush series. We offer a variety of animals with different color caps and gowns; it can reflect the school mascot and the school color. Whether it is graduation lion plush, graduation bunny plush, graduation bear, graduation owl, graduation tiger, graduation cow, graduation bobcat, graduation giraffe. You can also choose from different school color, from traditional black gown, to burgundy, green, blue etc. If want to make it casual, you can make it a custom tee shirt graduation bear or other animals. The most fun part is that you get to design your own in Plushland’s site and you are able to see what your personalized gift looks like before getting them done.

Imagine holding onto a cute and classic graduation animal with your loved one’s school logo, school color, the animal is her school mascot, her name or your message, all on the bear, gently pass it to her after she comes down from the stage with her diploma in her hand. You just see her screaming and see all eyes on her with admire and best wishes go to her. Beautiful picture, beautiful memory.


Gift does not have to be expensive. Be considerate, be personal.

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