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The 7 Best Stuffed Animals of 2019

The 7 Best Stuffed Animals of 2020

No matter how much technology changes, stuffed animals stay universally adorable. Kids are drawn to them. Adults can’t help but think they are cute.

If you are in the market for a furry companion, you might be stuck on what to pick. There really are thousands of options. Each one being fluffier and more adorable than the next.

Search on Google and you will be overwhelmed by every type of real and fantasy animal just begging to be bought.

Here’s some advice on what to pick in case all your options are paralyzing you.

This year isn’t done. But as of now some plush bears definitely stand out from the rest.


1. Urs Riding Bear by Steiff

Steiff has been producing stuffed animals for as long as “modern” stuffed animals have existed. They were founded in Germany in 1880 and have maintained their reputation as one of the best toy-makers on the planet.

Just like with German cars, Steiff’s stuffed animals demonstrate fantastic craftsmanship and attention to detail... but they are some of the most expensive toys out there.

This Urs Bear will set you back $500. 

That price is sort of understandable. Almost every toy country except Steiff uses factories to produce their toys.

Steiff continues to have their stuffed animals be made entirely by hand. Still: $500 could buy you a new phone.

The Urs Bear is designed to have a small child ride on top of it. You won’t be able to enjoy it yourself as the dimensions are only 18" W X 28" L X 20" H.

Even despite the enormous price tag... you have to hand it to Steiff. It’s a classic toy produced just like they did 100 years ago. We’re not even through 2019 and this toy is already sold out.


2. Pokémon Small Plush XY Pikachu by TOMY 

Every few years you forget about Pokémon and are amazed to find out they are STILL around.

They’ve existed for something like 20 years now. Capturing the imagination of the children in multiple generations. Whatever their secret is, a part of it is obviously how adorable so many of their Pokémon creatures are.

Check out this adorable Pikachu. He’s inspired by Pokémon X & Y... whatever that means. You can ask your kids.

At only 6-9" he’s perfect to carry around all day and to give to smaller children. He would also look super cute on your desk.



 3. Giant Unicorn by Melissa & Doug

 Now this is one magical creature! 

Coming it at a massive 45 inches long x 32 inches high x 12 inches wide, Melissa & Doug have blown up fantasy and cuteness to record-setting levels.

They’ve gone out of their way to make sure all the little details are perfect. Silver strands in the tail and mane sparkle when the light catches them. The shiny horn is made of extra-soft satin.



4. Three Toed Sloth by Wild Republic

What’s up with sloths?

They’ve always been kinda cute. But it seems like in the past couple of years they’ve really taken the spotlight and everyone is talking about how adorable they are.

Anyway, this Sloth by Wild Republic has been selling in beyond crazy record setting numbers this year.

Whatever has caused the new sloth obsession, it’s a very real thing. This stuffed animal has almost 2000 four and five star reviews.





5. 41" Ride-On Lion Plush Toy by Hansa

 Now this is some next-level plush.

If you ever have $800 burning a whole in your pocket and decide that a ginormous, ride-able, stuffed lion is the absolute best use of it, then now you know what to spend it on.

This Ride-on lion by Hansa has been carefully designed to support the weight of a child. At 18"W x 55"L x 41"H it’s almost 5 feet long. Enough to teach your kid the lion-riding skills that are unbelievably impressive but will almost certainly never be used.

It is $800... but look at that magnificent plushy mane! It is already sold out. Maybe it’s worth it? 


6. King the Baby Bulldog by Plushland

 King the Baby Bulldog by Plushland



Plushland has been a part of the industry for almost thirty years. King the baby bulldog is only 7” and is incredibly cute.

His huge eyes are desperately trying to convince you that any bad story you hear about a bull dog just isn’t true.

Why he’s become the most popular Plushland product this year isn’t sure. Is it his realistic four paws? He’s a “beanie” so he has a heavier weight and more real feel to him. He’s also tiny enough to take everywhere.

7. Plush Lama by Aurora World

 Plush Lama by Aurora World

Just like the sloths, llamas are one of those animals that seems to have only gotten popular recently. Maybe it’s the exotic appeal? The fact both come from South America? Social media showing more people around the world how cute a rare animal is?

Whatever it is, this Lama is one of the best plush bears of 2019. It’s body is made of extra-soft plush that is super cuddly.


Well there you have it. 

From $8 to $800 and from the familiar bulldog to exotic creatures. Depending on you or the lucky gift recipient any one of these animals is guaranteed to keep you warm at night.

Except maybe that huge lion.

Whatever you are looking for, Plushland is world-renowned for producing gorgeous stuffed animals. Check out what’s in store if you are looking for a new plushy friend.

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