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How To Choose The Perfect Plush Bear

There’s WAY more to it than you would think.

No one has your back like a plush animal.

They can’t give you advice but they always understand what you are going through. They are your stuffed support animal. Wisely making you feel better with their irresistible fur and happy eyes.

At the very least... they’re incredibly soft and huggable.

Every child needs one. And if we’re being honest, every adult too.


Here are some tips to make sure your plushy best friend is perfect for you.

So the first step is easy. Make sure you absolutely love the bear or animal’s design. The shape and size should also be practical for you.

To really make sure you are doing that, just look for the answer to one easy question:



Who are you?

Isn’t it funny how simple can take on huge emotional meanings?

Depending on who you are, what you are into, where you have travelled, who your child is, how he or she behaves, and what you want to teach them... a stuffed animal could mean much, much more than what it looks like.

The emotional significance being infinitely more than “just a stuffed unicorn.”

Think about that before you buy one.

Tie the animal to something going on in your life right now to create a special bond. Or pick the animal you choose based off of existing connections.

That makes you or your child appreciate your plushy friend a lot more.

It also makes your stuffed animal a more powerful source of support in tough times. It becomes a real companion instead of just a toy.

You can take that in two directions.

A stuffed animal could really be a source of support. It can remind them you or a family member loves them, is proud them, or wants to be there even if a job or military service is keeping them away from your kid.

It can also be a way to make them behave.

“Lizzy the Lizard gets scared whenever you throw a tantrum!”


The Stuffing Makes The Stuffed Animal

You would think this is really straightforward, or all plushy toys are made of the same material.

That isn’t true at all.

You see, name brand stuffed animals use a special type of premium stuffing. It is the color white, more eco friendly, and much, much, softer than the cheap alternative.

The cheap companies use a low-end polyester. It’s black, can cause allergic reactions, and is absolutely terrible for Mother Nature. It’s also the same type of stuffing that has been used for over eighty years... which is a really bad thing if you think of how unsanitary factories used to be.

Even worse: the cheap polyester feels hard!

It’s hard to explain over text. But the way your stuffed bear feels if the best way to tell how good the quality is. Any stuffed animal you feel will either be squishy and super-huggable, OR will feel like you’re trying to hug a carpet. Not the type of animal you want to put in your bed or give to your children.



How Fluffy Do You Want Them?

Some stuffed animals have their “fur” made of a special material called long pile.

That’s that more “realistic” feeling fur that sticks out from your animal. It’s a texture that you can actually feel and is much cozier than traditional stuffed animals.

That makes it the best option for your stuffed animal and something you should really consider. It’s especially popular with babies and little kids.

But one thing you should consider is how dirty you want your animal to get.

A blow dryer will also work some hair-fixing magic. Both techniques will give your stuffed animal the makeover they need to keep looking adorable.


After Buying There Are Some Other Things To Take Care Of

Hang tags and sewn labels are attached for legal purposes. They also tell you how to clean your plushy friend.

Remove them and take a picture of them. They’re getting in the way of some cozy one-on-one time.


Read This If You have Small Children!

So you know the typical black beady eyes stuffed animals have?

They aren’t dangerous... but aren’t harmless either. Stuffed animals with plastic eyes and noses are ONLY recommended for babies aged three and up.

If your child is younger than that, they might get themselves into trouble with all the biting they do. Get them a stuffed animal with embroidered -- “drawn on” --- eyes and nose instead.

Those will be much softer and won’t cause any unnecessary poking and banging.



Well now you know how to find the perfect stuffed friend.

Don’t be afraid to be picky with your decision. Higher quality animals last longer, catch less germs, and make a better addition to your home.

Plushland is one of the biggest names in the industry. No one has better quality control and makes sure that every part of your bear is clean and sanitary.

Most importantly, there are dozens of adorable designs to choose from. Go take a look and see if you end up falling in love.

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