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How To Make A Plush Bear Your Best Friend

Guarantee he doesn’t get sent to the closet after a few days

So you just bought your child a fluffy best friend.

Or maybe you go it for yourself! Adults need huggable companions too.

How do you bring your new stuffed bear to life?

You could just give your kids their new toy. But if you do that... you risk them getting bored and going right back to playing video games or watching YouTube.
So you have to make it special.

Here a few quick ideas for making a plush bear your best friend! Not a short-lived toy that gets sent to the closet after a few days.


Stuffed Photoshop

Your Stuffed Photoshoot
This is a fantastic secret that mixes old-school imagination with the modern technology kids are so addicted to.

This comes down to nourishing your child’s existing interests. If they enjoy outdoor adventures tell your kid to take your plush bear with him. Catalog the adventure. Get his creativity going.

It’s your kid’s new mission to make Billy the Bull Dog look as absolutely badass as possible.

The same idea goes for absolutely anything your kid loves.

If your plush bear is your best friend then he deserves to be a part of your life. You should share the same interests, hobbies, and chores.
Catalog your plush bear’s adventures with pictures to make something special out of the most normal things.

Take him on a hike. Take pictures of her in the grocery store. Take him somewhere new. Show her around town. Have him cook something in the kitchen. Make her an adventurer. Or ANYTHING your imagination can dream up.


Create A Story

Is your stuffed animal just a stuffed animal? Or does he have a backstory?

Give your plushy friend a magical backstory. She’s not just a dog or a unicorn. She has a backstory that is... exactly whatever your kid’s own desires are.

A princess, a rebel, an artist, a soldier, or a diva.
It’s so easy to turn a unicorn into a princess of the unicorns. A stuffed dalmation into a life-saving, firefighter dog.

Creating a story makes your child more interested in the stuffed animal. They have similar interests. Care about the same things.
What makes this ridiculously simple to do is that you can write the story. See what your child is obsessed about and make your plush bear be a part of that obsession.

It’s a foolproof way to get them to use their imagination and get your children away from their electronics.


Stuffed Animal

Anything else?

There is almost nothing bad that can happen to your child because of playing with a plush bear too much.

One thing to know is that your plush bear shouldn’t have plastic eyes or a plastic nose if your child is under three years old.

Also don’t forget to take off the tags when you get him.

The Easy Way To Teach Responsibility

One last thing about having a plushy best friend.

Depending on your child’s age, and whether or not they have younger siblings, this could be one of the very first times they are responsible for “someone” else.

It’s a fantastic way to establish rules, see how they handle responsibility, and start teaching your child to respect others and treat them the right way.
Don’t be afraid to create a few “rules” about what your plush bear is and isn’t allowed to do, be, and see.

Encourage your child to watch over him, take care of him, and keep him in line.

How are you going to pick your best friend?

Don’t be afraid to be selective. It’s an important decision, right? Plushland has dozens of stuffed animals of every type just begging to be adopted into your home.

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