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Halloween Gift 2022 Guidance

Halloween Gift 2022 Guidance

2022 marks the official ending of the pandemic. After careful preparation of back to school, the gathering in public is more fearless and fun. Here comes the first exciting holiday for kids: Halloween. Will Halloween take place this year, answer is: Yes! Are you ready?

The gifts choice for Halloween is often contradictory. The choice between scary and cute is a hard one. If you have an option to choose both, what will you think?

Stuffed animals, aka plush toys, is the first choice when it comes to families and children. Halloween stuffed animals can be both scary and cute at the same time, no reason, just because they are stuffed animals! The name says it all! You can take a look at the Halloween monster collection from Plushland. (, these little colorful balls make scary noise when you drop them on the ground. Yet, when you stare at them, they do give you that goofy and cute look, and they are bright. Take them with you when you go trick or treating. Drop them on ground when nobody pays attention and see what happens! Treat? Of course! Or else! Parents, put these guys in your Halloween gift basket and get ready for “WOW” from recipients.

People say dogs are human’s best friends. While not every family can have a pet dog, the Halloween pawpals are too cute to resist. There are four breeds of dogs: beagle, dalmatian, lab and husky. They wear the cutest Halloween costume. Put them on your dinner table for a nice fall and Halloween décor! (
What about more personalized gift? You got it! If you order early enough, you can put your child’s name or something fun on their tee shirt and you just look for a surprised smile on their face! (

People love stuffed animals for Halloween. They are cute, and they are healthy. They bring smiles to children’s face. One year I give away stuffed animals instead of candy from my house, I was still busy after 10:00pm. Kids keep coming and one kid yield out “remember this house”! No worries about sugar high or tooth problems.
Halloween is children’s best holiday as well as mine. Happy Halloween to all!


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