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12" Sophie Bear with St. Pa...

Introducing our festive Teddy Bear, specially designed for St. Patrick's Day, featuring a delightful green heart with the iconic St. Patrick's Day logo printed on it. This lovable bear is not only a cuddly companion but also a charming way to celebrate the spirit of this joyful occasion.

Wrapped in a soft and plush exterior, the Teddy Bear holds a vibrant green heart that adds a touch of St. Patrick's Day magic. The carefully printed logo on the heart adds a festive flair, making it a perfect gift or decoration for the holiday.

Whether you're looking to spread St. Patrick's Day cheer, surprise a loved one, or enhance your festive decor, this Teddy Bear with a green heart and St. Patrick's Day logo is a delightful choice. Embrace the joy of the season with this adorable and themed plush companion.

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