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Cuddle Works Weighted Senso...

  • Developed by Certified Behavior Analyst Professionals and parents of autistic children, ensuring design efficacy.
  • Supported by positive research findings and valuable feedback from parents, validating its effectiveness.
  • Ideal weight of 4.5 pounds facilitates sensory regulation.
  • Extended weighted arms offer comforting and secure hugs, promoting feelings of safety.
  • Velcro closure allows for versatile positioning.
  • Muted color palette minimizes sensory overload, redirecting focus to the body's core awareness.
  • Machine washable for convenient and hygienic maintenance.
  • Sensory Friendly Colors : According to a scholarly case report, neutral tones and mellow shades have a calming and soothing effect, making them autistic-friendly, while bright, bold, and intense colors are stimulating. This sensory-friendly color range offers hues designed to create a comforting environment for autistic children, reducing behavioral changes caused by bright lighting stimuli.
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