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Pawpal Collection Labrador

So you like adventure, don’t you? Or maybe you just have an undying love for tropical forests -- or even have the pleasure of calling one of those warm countries your home. Even if your animal doesn’t live in the jungle, he or she probably comes from an extremely special place.
Whatever it is, Plushland always wants to include as much love as possible. No matter what your favorite animal is, we probably have it. So go on and take him or her home!

Sloths are underappreciated. Their lazy personalities and sleepy eyes make them one of the cutest animals on the planet. Take Slowla home now to show your love for these tree-napping cuties.
●     Softest Material Yet: The soft stuff you won’t be able to stop cuddling with.
●     Flawlessly Cute: Mark a special occasion and keep cuddling for years.
●     Hygienic and Hypoallergenic: Premium plush and stuffing are dust, germ, and stain resistant.
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