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10" & 14" Easter Rabbit hol...

Hop Into A Heart
Plushland delivers little goodies of affection and coziness even when it isn’t Easter. A bear in a bunny costume is exactly as heart-warming as you would think. Two adorable animals combined into one are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.
●     Cuddly: Plushland ultra-soft plush is perfect to snuggle up to.
●     Surprisingly Adorable: A rabbit and a bear? You get the cuteness of Easter all-year-round.
●     Unforgettable: When your loved one casually sees Plushland around the house they'll remember your affection.
●     Hygienic and Hypoallergenic: Premium plush and stuffing are dust and germ resistant.
●     Timeless Quality: Century-old construction will last for decades. Joints allow Plushland to stand or sit.
Your affection isn’t an easter egg! Don’t hide it and wait for someone to discover it. Plushland is a wonderful surprise that immediately shows how much you care.
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