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Sockiez Curioso 6"

Curioso is the most famous of all the stuffed sockiez because of his world-famous adventures. His curiosity never ends and always makes him get into some sort of trouble. Custom brown and tan coloring make him look more “realistic” than other sockiez. 

  • Knitted Yarn: Premium knitted yarn replicates the old socks appearance while still being cozy and comfortable to cuddle with.
  • Softest hugs: Sockiez are made of top quality polyester filling that makes them your softest stuffed animal.  
  • Hygienic and Hypoallergenic: Premium yarn and stuffing are dust, germ, and stain resistant. Sockiez are protected from every messy adventure.
  • Baby-friendly: Eyes and mouth are embroidered. Fabric and dyes are non-toxic. Perfect for your little one.
    • Goofy and adorable: Look at that lazy smile and too-long limbs! Sockiez just make you want to hug them.

    Curioso’s tiny 6” size makes him easy to take with you. He was born to be you or your child’s favorite on-the-go stuffed animal that you take everywhere.

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