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6'' Color of love sockiez a...

Express your emotions in a colorful and cuddly way with our set of Color Sock Monkeys! Emojis are a beloved method of conveying love, and now you can do it with a delightful twist. Each monkey in this set comes with a uniquely colored heart, and did you know that each color holds a different meaning?

Red: Tell someone you LOVE them passionately.

Black: Symbolizing "Together Forever," a perfect way to express eternal connection.

Orange: Say "I Like You" in a bright and cheerful manner.

Pink: Spread joy with the message "You're Cute" in the sweetest way.

Green: Capture the essence of "Happiness" with this vibrant color.

Blue: Send a message of longing and affection by choosing the color of "Missing Someone."

Each Color Sock Monkey is crafted with care and love, making them not only adorable companions but also messengers of your heartfelt sentiments. Whether you're gifting them to someone special or collecting them to express various emotions, our Color Sock Monkey set adds a playful and meaningful touch to every occasion. Share the love, joy, and connection with these expressive and huggable companions.

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