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100% Softness, Cuteness and Cuddliness: Adorable American eagle Plush Toy is durably constructed with an ultra-soft, densely packed plush material that is irresistible to the touch. It is a soft toy friend featuring fluffy, puffy...


Adorable American Pillow Bear: Adorably cute 11 Inches plush stuffed animal toy is very soft, beautiful and cuddly. Its embroidered eyes give it an attractive, real-life look that everyone will make any child feel more...


Criminals and robbers are shaking in their boots now that “Roger” the LA Sheriff bear is out on the street. He is ready to do whatever it takes to make the entire city more comfortable...


Ghost is taking a day off from his fighter jet. He’s checking around the base to make sure everything is working well. Tomorrow he’ll be back on the jet to patrol the skies and keep...


Chris the army bear is at the front lines of any battle. He’s fighting bad guys, freeing the captured, protecting his fellow bear soldiers, and doing everything in his power to keep the world safe...


Gunny is a battle-ready marine. He’s ready to storm beaches, jump out of airplanes, and do anything necessary to help people who aren’t safe and cozy. Gunny is the best way to remind your child...


Jones sails around the world and keeps all the oceans safe. He’s on the lookout for modern pirates, smugglers, and anyone else trying to break the rules and hurt people. Jones scans the seas, aims...

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