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[CRAZY BOOK]: This cute teddy bear with underwear is related to the concept from the book named “Bear in Underwear” in which Bear finds a backpack full of underwear in the forest. Bear decides to try on all the underwear because he needs a pair. When Bear finds a pair (not too loose and not too tight) that fits him well he realizes that he has this backpack full of underwear that he doesn't need. He then decides to call up all his friends and see if they need underwear too. Bear and his friends

[EMBROIDERY-FRIENDLY]: We want to make sure that our toys are as safe as possible for you and your loved ones. With 100% new polyester stuffing and soft, plush coat, our toys are made to last, providing years of hugs and cuddles.

[SOFT AND PREMIUM QUALITY]: This plush stuff toy is super soft, feels like you are hugging a cloud. 100% soft touching experience gives you unexpected comfortable hand feel. Keep kids safe during rough play. Made of high-quality Plush with 100% Polyester filling, it is safe and nontoxic for your babies.

[CUTE GIFT]: This Plush bear with underwear spreads lots of giggles to accompany the story. It can easily be given as a gift to your little ones. Thank you Todd Doodler for his work and helping people over-come a quite stressful and messy time in their lives.

[FULL OF ENTERTAINMENT]: This cute Plush toy talks about wearing underwear. It is the silliest plush toy and so much fun to see it over and over. You will love it. This story is right at a young minds sense of humor.

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