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Halloween Animal 9" Bear

Beesnack got his name because of his never ending search for honey. It’s the tasty treat that’s filled his belly and his heart all his life. So you can bet that this Halloween he’s leaving the forests and going trick or treating with you. He’s smart enough to help you pick through the houses and find the tastiest treats and strong enough to fight off spooky monsters.

    • Extra cuddly:  Beesnack’s stuffing is made of polyester fiber and PVC beans. That makes him soft enough to snuggle with but gives him a comforting “solid” feel as well.
  • Treat Not Trick: Beesnack is a Halloween present that will bring a smile and instantly become a cherished part of your stuffed animal collection.
      • Un-bearably cute: Sure, you could go with stuffed monsters, ghosts, and ghouls. Beesnack gives you sweet cuteness without getting too scary.
  • Hygienic and Hypoallergenic: Premium plush and stuffing are dust, germ, and stain resistant. Beesnack will be protected from every messy adventure.
  • Beesnack is the playful plushy companion that will guarantee you have more fun on Halloween AND get more candy that you usually would. He’s promised to get sweets from even your most stubborn neighbors.

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