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12" Pig with Custom Name 1s...

  • Its editable quality allows you to add anything on its t-shirt; your personal message, a name, a school logo, or your favorite team etc.
  • Realistic styling made with premium soft plush and filled with soft polyester cotton with meticulously sewn and fine stitches. An endearing plush animal toy to soften any room, durably constructed to withstand years of love. Great for any occasion. Perfect decoration for parties, lawns and festivals! Can be used both indoor and outdoor! Celebrate in a big way with this, happy mood animal is perfect to enjoy alone or with your kids and Mom.
  • Whether to display on a bedroom shelf with his lovely dangly legs, added to an Easter gift basket or to be tucked under your little one’s arm ready for daily play, this cute animal is the rabbit for the job. Perfectly detailed with hard eyes, a sewn-on smiley mouth.
  • Vivid color are brilliantly and beautiful Statement ! Makes an excellent gift for friends, parents or to Proudly gift for your loved ones.
  • Look for other coordinating gifts from Plushland; great for baby to play with. This toy is sure to add charm to any decor at holiday!
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