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American Pillow Qbeba Bear

Bear-er of Holiday Love
Everyone always talks about Rudolph the Reindeer but forgets about Cupid. Cupid had his own secret... he was a bear in disguise! But he was so cute and always showed so much holiday affection that no one minded him pulling Santa’s sleigh. Cupid is the surefire way to give your special someone a holiday gift they will love.
●     Cuddly: Ultra-soft plush is perfect to snuggle up to.
●     Magically Adorable: You would never think a bear in a reindeer costume would melt your heart.
●     Unforgettable: Even after the holidays, when your loved one casually sees Cupid around the house they'll remember your affection.
●     Hygienic and Hypoallergenic: Premium plush and stuffing are dust and germ resistant.
●     Timeless Quality: Century-old construction will last for decades. Joints allow Cupid to stand or sit.
Reindeers, elves, and snowmen are cute but too predictable. Cupid is a snuggly holiday surprise no one will see coming.
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