Poseable Brown Sockiez 8"

father's day gifts - poseable brown sockiez
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Sock monkeys have been adorable stuffed friends for almost one hundred years. Their long limbs and goofy smile beg you to play with them. Extra-huggable, extra-goofy, and extra-ready to show you affection.


  • Knitted Yarn: Premium knitted yarn replicates the old socks appearance while still being cozy and comfortable to cuddle with.
  • Softest hugs: Sockiez are made of top quality polyester filling that makes them your softest stuffed animal.  
  • Hygienic and Hypoallergenic: Premium yarn and stuffing are dust, germ, and stain resistant. Sockiez are protected from every messy adventure.
  • Baby-friendly: Eyes and mouth are embroidered. Fabric and dye are non-toxic. Perfect for your little one.
    • Goofy and adorable: Look at that lazy smile and too-long limbs! Sockiez just make you want to hug them.

    Special limbs and joints make this poseable Sockiez extra-playful. They let you twist him into eye-catching positions that bring a smile to anyone who sees him lounging around your home.

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