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Plushland American Pillow Q...

This adorable Q bear is a huggable, lovable stuffed animal. Comes with a heart in his hands, this cute best friend will look great in any bedroom or playroom.
Makes a perfect gift and a treasured collectible teddy bear in Small size so your kids can hold up easy and present to their school parties with showing great love to country
Surface washable, Classic design of the traditional Teddy bear, with soft and huggable swirly fur. 5.5 inches Adorable Stuffed, Teddy Bear for kids with heat shaped pillow printed USA flag.
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Show your country pride!Make your home a place for celebrating fourth of July with our Plushland Mocha sitting pillow bears. Each comes holding a heart pillow with a printed American Flag on it.This bear is a cuddly reminder of your country pride. Show your community how much your country truly means to you with this great home décor piece.Present Your Self as Loyal to your Country!Our I Love You America bear has attractive traditional brown colored fur. The national flag printed heart in its hands is a perfect way to express your love to your country.Get this bear to show your community how much you love to your country. This bear is a perfect mix of great value and cuteness. It’s plush material that is durable and washable.A great Decoration Idea!The teddy bear is made using the most luxurious, soft plush and is perfect for Independence Day. It is a soft and durable plush toy that will be the perfect addition to your home bedroom décor.
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