Halloween floppy pug 12" Spook

Halloween floppy pug 12" Spook
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  • ENJOY HALLOWEEN:This cute little thing is a perfect gift for someone on Halloween. With a cute printed orange shirt, a matching hat while holding a pumpkin, sometimes all we need is something to cuddle with, and this adorable animal plush provides it to people with a young heart.
  • PLUSH ANIMAL TOY: This plush stuffed animal toy is very soft and beautiful. It has endearing facial expression and body position, the animal comes with a shirt and hat make adorable.
  • HALLOWEEN PUNPKIN:Holding the pumpkin makes it a mascot for this holiday,It can make you attract everyone's attention.
  • EASILY WASHABLE: This plush stuffed animal toy is very easy to wash because of its waterproof manufacturing. The internal cotton material is kept in a waterproof layer.
  • BEST HALLOWEEN GIFT: These festive funny animal toys are a great way for you and your friends to enjoy the season together. Show your love by gifting this to your child on Halloween day.
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