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Brandon Chocolate Mom Sweat...

Let Honeyworth “Buzzz” your loved ones to remind them how much you care. There’s no one more qualified to show your loved ones some sugar. Honeyworth puts a new spin on “honey-bears” and has a one-in-a-million design that makes him stand out in any home.
●     Cuddly: Honeyworth’s ultra-soft plush is perfect to snuggle up to.
●     Unusually Adorable: A bee and a bear? There really is nothing like Honeyworth in any store.
●     Unforgettable: When your loved one casually sees Honeyworth around the house they'll remember your sweet nature.
●     Hygienic and Hypoallergenic: Premium plush and stuffing are dust and germ resistant.
●     Timeless Quality: Century-old construction will last for decades. Joints allow Honeyworth to stand or sit.
Someone has to deliver some sweet cuddling and affection when you aren’t around. And is there anyone more qualified than Honeyworth?
Hit “Add to Cart” now to be comforted by the sweetest bear out there.
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