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Instead of sending flowers to a loved one this Easter  why not send a Plushland alien with specific sign on front and have your message of caring and love last for a long time?

Plushland presents this award winning 6” soft and cute alien action figure with long hairs and three legs. It is an amazing Easter gift for your kids, friends and family members



These Plushland Cool space toys are perfect give-a-ways during parties, Easter gatherings, or birthday celebrations. Plushland cute aliens come in different colors and are given specific names (connect, create, explore, love and power).

Plushland  aliens are so soft and adorable, you won't want to put them down when you see them the first time. Along with having high quality, these aliens are vibrant in color, which relaxes the mind.

Just take one look into the eyes of this cute alien and tell me you don’t have to have it. Charisma like this doesn’t come around very often, so don’t hesitate in adopting this adorable plush toy. Having a convenient size, you can take them wherever you go. Great for playing with and getting your kids engaged and busy for a while. Keeping your child’s safety in mind, these plush toys are made up of durable material so your little ones will feel safe while playing around with them.

It can be used as a decorating piece and kids can also lay it besides them while sleeping.
Our adorable plush aliens will no doubt enlighten people of ages.

Plush cute alien figures are machine washable in cold water.


  • Polyester
  • Plush alien action figure with long hairs and three legs.
  • Plush cute alien figures are machine washable.
  • Available in connect, create, explore, love and power
  • 6 inch size
  • Here at Plushland we care as much about the kid’s toys we make as we do the kids, which is why they’re always backed by our 30-day guarantee.
  • Reviews
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