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These adorable elephants will be all you need to help you promotional plan succeed! This soft plush elephant magnet tsum tsum with tee delivers a customizable cotton-polyester blended keepsake that comes in all sorts of...


This puppy will add some bark to spark your fundraising campaign! This Soft Plush Husky Magnet Tsum Tsum with Tee will stick your promotional gift on the surface of their choice using a cotton-polyester stuffed...


Don't sleep on this promotional lion! Take pride in this Soft Plush Lion Magnet Tsum Tsum when you pass out this 4" cotton-polyester combo keepsake that will come customized to create a one-of-a-kind item from...


They'll be plenty of monkeying around with this sound marketing solution! This Soft Plush Monkey Magnet Tsum Tsum with Tee is made from cotton and polyester, extends 6" long and will hang around for a...


This precious promotion is black, white and cute all over for the staying power you're looking for! This soft panda magnet tsum tsum with tee measures 6" tall and is made from blended cotton and...


This little pig will market your brand in a spectacular way! This Soft Plush Pig Magnet Tsum Tsum with Tee delivers a 6" farm favorite made from blended cotton and polyester to draw attention for...

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