Sock Monkey Stuffed Animal 6″ Black

Sock Monkey Stuffed Animal 6″ Black
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During the great depression, toys were expensive to buy. Mothers were always looking for ways to create toys for their children to play with.

An inspiration was found in a father’s sock drawer. With a few stitches and lots of love, and ordinary sock was turned into an adorable monkey.

Plushland continues the tradition of creativity and family love in bringing this timeless toy for children to enjoy for generation to come. We named them “Sockiez”.

Plushland Sockiez comes in variable colors to express the love message in “color of love”. They are made out of mixed color yarn to give the look of old socks. We chose the most comfortable and soft yarn for kids at all ages as well as adults to cuddle.

  • Custom made soft knitted yarn to replicate the old socks look with added comfortness.
  • Top quality polyester fiber filling makes the softness beyond the regular standard
  • Embroidered eye and mouth, quality fabric and fabric dye makes it suitable to all ages.
  • Spot clean with mild soap, rinse with running water. Flat dry.
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